How It's Made

NatureSecret Recycle Paint Process
NatureSecret paint is recycled paint made from unused virgin latex paint. Our strict quality control process ensures that NatureSecret paint is of a premium recycled quality that meets or exceeds the standards of more expensive virgin latex paint. Every step of the process, from acquiring the unused virgin paint to the sealing of the can, is carefully planned and monitored to ensure a consistently high-quality end product.

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The result is a high-quality paint that works well on almost any properly prepared paintable surface, indoors or out. NatureSecret can be washed or even scrubbed 30 days after application.

Depending on temperature and humidity, NatureSecret paint is usually dry to the touch after just one hour and can accommodate a second coat after 2 hours. Experienced painters will appreciate the low splatter of NatureSecret during application. Do-it-yourselfers benefit from a fast-drying, high-quality finish that’s low in VOCs.